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Kemdent Alminax Wax

Alminax Bite Wax sheets are a proven bite registration material, formulated to provide dentists with..

RM100.00 Ex Tax: RM100.00
Kemdent Beading Wax

Beading Wax is a soft wax ideal for dentists to use to bead round the edge of a functional impressio..

RM100.00 Ex Tax: RM100.00
Kemdent Prophylaxis Paste  *200g

This is a unique Kemdent formulation which is clean to use. Five fresh flavours designed for gr..

RM45.00 Ex Tax: RM45.00
Kemdent Ruwa Matrix Strips Straight  * 200's / Box

Ruwa Matrix Strips Straight can be used with composite, acrylic and silicate filling materials.Polye..

RM40.00 Ex Tax: RM40.00
Kemdent Sticky Wax  * 12's / Box

Sticky Wax also known as model cement. Melt the end of the stick with a gas flame and use as wax glu..

RM50.00 Ex Tax: RM50.00
Kemdent Tenatex Pink Wax   * 500g

Modelling (base plate) wax sheets are used by the technician to create the preliminary denture base ..

RM35.00 Ex Tax: RM35.00
Kemdent Wax Bite Blocks Curved   * 50's / Box

Time-saving occlusal rims for the dentist or technician.The pre-shaped curved blocks have a speciall..

RM150.00 Ex Tax: RM150.00
Kemdent Wax Bite Blocks Straight   * 75's / Box

These time-saving occlusal rims are available in Straight blocks or pre-curved rims. Occlusal rims e..

RM150.00 Ex Tax: RM150.00
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